Monday, July 04, 2011

Security hole?

Paradigm shifts in conducting attacks (terrorist or otherwise) to thwart the security measures in place, is not something new. Remember the story of the Trojan Horse used to destroy the city of Troy?

I'm a strong believer in conspiracy theories and am paranoid in terms of security measures (largely due to my profession). That probably explains the prophecy I'm about to make.

The "broken towing operation" of the 'cargo container vessel' Wisdom was not an accident.

Some ordinary as well as interesting 'available' information about Wisdom:
1. In its 26 year lifecycle, Wisdom's name has changed 14 times.
2. The real beneficiary owner of Wisdom is still unknown.
3. Wisdom's International Maritime Organisation (IMO) number has been 8417558 throughout it's life.

Unwanted elements have already entered the city of Mumbai via Juhu. Terrorist activities cannot be ruled out.

I'm hoping that my prophecy doesn't turn out to be true. Does it matter that I have 32 teeth?

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