Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bloggers beware: You're liable!

Found this posted on the website:

Bloggers beware: You're liable!

This very topic was one point of discussion between Manjit and I the other day. As much as I refused to believe him, this turns out to be true! Albeit the Indian government waking up and realising the potential impact of blogging would take quite some time (you might want to count in years), this is something that at least has a legal bearing. I seemed to be living in a different world altogether.

My readers should not feel too surprised if suddenly disappear and someone starts writing posts much like I do under some pseudonym that I will not reveal here. I do not want to control what I write, ever (hic - this could land me into trouble, so note that the statement before this parenthesis is just a joke).

Take care bloggers. Let's protect our blogosphere from unwanted policing..