Thursday, November 23, 2006

Not even insane!

Little Susie was playing with Little Marla. Suddenly Little Marla started to laugh at Little Susie who began to sing very loudly. Listening at Little Susie sing, Little Marla came towards her, slapped her hard till Little Susie cried. And then Little Marla laughed and went home. Little Susan who was watching all this from her park bench, suddenly fell off and died. It was then that Little Susie ate the candy which transformed her into a frog. And she couldn't have been anything else but a frog. That is the only thing that happened on Good Friday.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Constant consonant cannot
Create casual coherency
Clicking camera causes
Content characterisation

Caesar ceased conquering
Citizens crucified Christ
Could Cartman confuse Counsellor
Can coupled consonants

Cut crap - catch cocaine
Code company - cease illiteration.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A hole in the list..

No more 034097. It'll stay as a hole in the list now, forever. A number that I was identified by, for over 4 years. And now is the time I'm looking out for anything but a cliche. A subject line that does NOT match any of the following: "Goodbye", "Adieu", "So long", "So long, and thanks for all the fish", "Moving on", "Time to move on". There might be some cliches that I would have missed, I'll add them later as an update to this post. But I need suggestions - please keep them coming.

Falling short of words
I finally resign
In the midst of a cliche

ISIS followed by net backup
Time to seek
Reach out to Product Horizons

Selling your stock is wise
As the rise is always seen
One day later

VERITAS VOS LIBERABIT (the truth shall set you free)

30th October 2002 - 06th December 2006

Tere baap ka naukar hoon kya

In a fit of anger he said "Uske baap ka naukar hoon kya, jo is tarah se utha ke laaye" (literally translates to: "Do they think I'm his father's servant to drag me this way"). The chap in question was a Volvo bus driver, uttering this sentence at an unearthly hour of 3:50 am. Some fine train reaches before time, some bus has been arranged for picking up the ones who just arrived by the train, some bus driver needs to be woken up from his sleep to do the necessary. A series of phone calls -> from the travel company co-ordinator -> to the bus arranger -> to the local in-charge do the job of triggering this event.

Think of the job the local in-charge has to do: He faces immense pressure from the bus arranger to get the driver and other necessary people in action to get things rolling. He needs to maintain some good rapport with the driver and these fellas such that they heed to whatever he is saying (although they know their bread depends on their actions). But it is worth noting how their entire network operates. There seems to be a bus yard (or many of them) where a huge number of buses would be ready to run, just a phone call away. One phone call starts their day - poor chaps - no mercy you'd think.

Thinking again, that's how the entire world operates. A software engineer earning a million rupees would also be uttering precisely something of the sort: "Does this manager think I'm available for free when he asks me to work on a Saturday". Or replace the Saturday with 'overtime'. That's the task that makes managers the bas**rds that they are. Poor bas**rds.

And to answer the question: "Haan, tu uske baap ka naukar hai re.." (Literally translates to: "Yes, you are his father's servant").