Monday, January 07, 2008

committing a crime on behalf of bhajji..

sequence of events (sydney test, india versus australia, day 5, jan 06 2008)

bhajji pats brett lee on his bum for some reason.
brett lee doesnt care, symonds gets agitated (ever tried patting someone on their bum while a monkey is watching?)

symonds walks up to bhajji.
symonds: "what did you just do? dont you know how to play cricket?"
bhajji: "shut-up oye."

symonds: "any punjabi knows how to play cricket."
bhajji: "oye chup oye. teri maa ki.."

symonds: "hang on, did you just say 'monkey'?"
bhajji: "shit man. sachin paaji!"

(symonds approaches umpire mark benson while bhajji calls sachin and expresses fear that symonds understands punjabi.)

sachin: "well.. why, what happened?"
bhajji: "maine symonds nu kahaan teri 'maa ki..' usko samaj mein aa gaya sachin paaji, gaya umpire ke paas. kya karun?"

sachin: "oye dont worry oye, he thought you called him a 'monkey'!"
bhajji: (smiles) "haan phir theek hain.."

mark benson: (covering his mouth fearing lip readers) "harbhajan, symonds says you just called him a 'monkey'. is that true?"
bhajji: (heaving a sigh of relief): "yes, yes. just a 'monkey'. nothing else"

mark benson: "i will be complaining against you to the match referee."
bhajji: "oye sachin paaji!"

and eventually, the 3 match ban is handed over to bhajji!