Sunday, January 15, 2006

Chicken first or egg first?

Yeah right.

In the dictionary, chicken first. For breakfast, egg first. And more importantly, in the question above, chicken first! In a race, eggs cannot move by themselves, and if they at all can, then more often than not the it'll be chicken first.

Chicken first or egg first? How do I read that question? Fine, let me be illogical enough and understand that question - after all, I am supposed to be smart enough to read your context, correct?

Let's solve this one by the elimination technique. And let's try and apply only science, no 'creationist' theories like "God made chicken first".

By evolution theory, a chicken (or any species for that matter) would have resulted as a matter of mutation (genetics), which would have taken place over a large period of time. Therefore, the question cannot be solved by evolution theory since the principle of speciation says that evolution does not occur in units, but is a slow transition. Therefore neither the chicken came first nor the egg. Evolution theory failed to answer this. Let's proceed on.

This should make us go back and look at the problem once again. Chicken first or egg first. Hmm.. A chicken egg right? Which means question to be framed is "Chicken first or chicken egg first?". To lay a chicken egg, a chicken should exist. And for a chicken to exist, a chicken egg should exist. Recursions, if not handled carefully, result in corrupting systems. Computers as well as human.

One valid logical solution to this problem is that chickens do not exist. Case rested.


At 11:24 PM, Blogger nikhil said...

abbe ..

ANSWER kya hain phir bhi???

ha ha ha ha ha ha !

bahut daru piya re..


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