Saturday, December 31, 2005

Rantings on celebration, and my 2006 eve..

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To start with, wishing all readers a happy and successful new year 2006. Ah, the number keeps on increasing, and every year I realise I spend the new year's eve in a radically different way. This year was no different as far as the change was concerned! Yet another chance to chew the management cud 'Change is the only constant'. Aw cmon.

I remember greeting 2005 by staying at home, mainly because I felt like staying at home then, and to add to it I had my cousin and his wife who'd come down from Uncle Sam's land. It was fun greeting 2005 with them.

This year, I was sort of bored. Initially had plans of partying hard at Goa, and all seemed set. Then there were reasons for not being able to make it. As for partying, I'd enjoyed a wonderful Christmas eve party with Kaveeta (my new friend from the Caferati Writer's Forum). Partying all seemed to be the same old thing - underdressed girls having fun away from the city, over-intoxicated folk trying their level best to control themselves, super skimpily clad girls trying desperately to hunt for a corner for you know what, blaring music thats more often than not pathetic, useless food, and all of the above for a heavy sum that I now think I'd rather save for my treks :D

In the past week or so, songs of a particular movie were seeming sorta good to me. Nothing great, but better than the grind mill types. Called up Prajuctaa, and she seemed interested in the idea too, since she wanted to watch the movie as well. Enough reason - we went for a 2230 show. Oops, I did not mention the name as yet eh - its bluffmaster starring Abhishek Bacchan, Priyanka Chopra, Ritesh Deshmukh and Nana Patekar. Worth a watch I'd most certainly say.

The movie carried on, good songs, Abhishek and Priyanka acting well, and the interval was at 2355 hours. A good place to greet the new year I felt. In the interval, I and Prajuctaa shared one end each of the earphone, and enjoyed watching SouthPark on my iPod. We didn't even realise when the clock struck 0000, and thankfully the crowd didn't make any hoopla about it either. The movie ended a while later, and we couldn't resist listening to songs of bluffmaster, they were very nice. Once again the iPod came into use, and we listened to couple of songs before reaching MH-12 CD-4046 (my car).

For over an hour after the movie, we were chatting next to my apartments, in what was a chilly cold for Prajuctaa (who luckily had a jacket to wear). It never seemed to be cold to me somehow [I had no alcohol]. We bid the final goodbye at 0200 hours, and I tucked myself to cozyness. Its been just 2 hours since I've woken up, haven't brushed as yet, was watching TV. No one at home, and in under 2 hours I've got to meet some friends. Anyone betting whether I would be able to take a bath before I leave? [I'd taken a bath at 2130 hours on 31st Dec]. Darshana?


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