Friday, December 02, 2005

Lip service

Behaviour (n.)
A manner of acting or controlling yourself.

So which all places do you visit each day? On a routine working day, I tend to be at two places, three at the most. I start from home, I go to office, and before returning back, I would probably meet friends and make merry at some arbitrary place. Your home (if you have one) is the place where no rules per se govern you. Of course there are couple of things here and there, but let's use the nice mathematical habit of starting with assumptions. When you step out, you start losing that freedom of being an animal, at least to an extent. This is where the behaviour that I am going to say something about, would come in picture.

Society is not something that is made or has been unique to mankind. There are a variety of species that have exhibited ways of how their society exists and how they commonly behave. But this brain that humans possess and claim highest intellect amongst all living species, is something that has pushed up a 'policy' upon every 'sane' individual to be hypocritical. Absurd, eh?

Societies of different nations reflect different behavioural patterns amongst the elements of society. Barring the deviations, all are more or less revolving around the hypocrisy principle. But then what new is being said here? The best part is that you have pretty surely got the drift but will continue on. Reason? To see how you fit in the model. Go on, it's good to go on such trips from time to time.


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