Sunday, December 04, 2005

Unforced errors

Many years ago, during my childhood, when I used to watch tennis I used to wonder what the term 'unforced error' meant. For me, error meant some mistake made by that person while playing his game. Even the definition of the word error seemed to favour my viewpoint. An error is a result of bad judgement, as clear as that. I learnt with time that some such errors made by a player are not attributed to his bad judgement per se, but more so because of factors not in his control.

On a Sunday afternoon, following my train of thoughts, I saw some 'forced errors' and some 'unforced errors' that brought about a considerable change in me. I did not want to lose this thought process.

Choosing one's profession and being dedicated to it, is something that is a very important part of one's life. Lack of a sense of fulfillment on the professional front has adverse effects on the non-professional front too. This part is pretty obvious. I'm going to talk about a lack of balance between the profession and personal fronts which disrupted several things.

I had never taken to writing very seriously, but whenever I felt like penning down something, I used to express myself. While managing my profession, I got a chance to write things like cricket match reviews and travelogues. The initial enthusiasm was there, but over time (not even a year later), I did not manage to put in as much volume as I used to. That zeal was fast dying and I was totally lacking control. A match losing unforced error I would say.

Another couple of years down the line, I think I am slowly but surely picking up myself. I had just some samples that a group of friends went through and have urged me to carry on. Many team members have been suggesting me to take on writing seriously.

I have many assignments.. The first and foremost looks like taking to completion the travelogue (mini book) of my Mount Everest Base Camp trek in 2004. I better do that soon, since I have planned another trek to the same place in 2006. I don't want a mix of 2 travelogues :) And then there are those cricket match reviews, waiting to be written, and the old ones to be archived. My poems ought to find their way here too. Let's just see how much I can do, let this be a personal goal for me targetted end Q1 2006.



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