Friday, January 13, 2006


Today is the correct day and date to post this. That should tell you what the subject line means. If not, go here.

After joining my new team (changing teams in the same workplace), it's taken me close to 2 months to send out an email to the whole team. How very contrary to my personality. Now that did not happen because of any problem, but I decided to play wait and watch this time around. In the earlier team, the spotlight was on me from the day I entered. After more than 3 years in the same company, I prefer to see how this team behaves. Won't be long till I behave like myself.

Coming back, I've sent out the first explanation sort of thing of the work that I have put in till now. And this team does not have an alias (strange!), so I just sent it out to a list to whom the team manager sends out the weekly conference call email. I don't even know if I was to involve all those folk, but then that's how I improve my communication - by initiating a dialogue if the other party does not.

So I'm all set folk. Friday the 13th is the date I've sent out my first email. Am I afraid? Naah. Am I worried? Nope. Am I thinking about it? Umm.. It's done, thought, and wrote it here. Now I have to rush for Subhadeep's bachelor's party. People will be frustrated because of my delay, but this work got postponed because I was out of office yesterday.

It just shows that I do not care about dates and I probably could have come over on Saturday to send over that all-important-first-email. Balls to urban legends and folklore who hype about Paraskevidekatriaphobia.


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