Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Midnight mayhem

0215. Am ensuring that the exception handling code is being written correctly. Damn, you need a break, don't you? Hadn't really caught up on the blogs of friends as of late. Read Nikhil's latest post, and almost all that Darshana had written. Art is embedded within that female.

From Nikhil's blog, leapt on to Goti's blog and read a coupla articles there. He is supposed to be in India any moment now. Let's see if we can do any trek(s) together. Trek freak meeting another trek freak after all. Another good blog was Raghu's blog.

Had a chat with Manjit today. And Googled too. To learn how to get my blog listed on a Google search for "Aniket Anikhindi" or few keywords that I am interested in. Have done the required html coding. Manjit says Google takes 2 odd weeks to register. Also registered my blog on blogwise. They are going to take 27 days to process my request.

Have tuned in to some Hindi songs of yesteryear. No, not Kishore Kumar. With 'new' songs bombarding you at a frequency that would put neutrons in a nuclear fission at shame, 'Shahar Ki Ladki' and 'Rang Rang Mere Rang Rang Mein' very well are yesteryear songs.

0233. Work beckons. Will I am done with TransporterLocal.cpp, TransporterRemote.cpp, and was about to finish long back, till I realised that I'd missed out on CompressionMgr.cpp. Enough for you guys right?

Forgot to mention - I have developed cold today, and its getting worse by the hour. Reason unknown. Dabur Chywanprash dose is on daily, but the immunity system could not handle some newer virus. And yes, SYMC had hit $19.9401 today.


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