Saturday, April 15, 2006

seeking sponsors for my Mount Everest Camp III trek

to all readers:

i'll be trekking to Mount Everest Camp III (North Face) in the May of this year (2 to 3 weeks from now). this trek is the highest possible trek per se in the world. let me make it clear, i am not attempting a summit bid, i would be going upto 3 quarters of the way up Mount Everest.

we'd be approaching Mount Everest from the North Face as mentioned above, which means the trek would be in the mystical land named Tibet. the highlight of the trek is that we would be attempting to reach an altitude of 6340 metres above sea level (21000 feet). having been to Mount Everest Base Camp (South Face) in November 2004 has helped increase the confidence level multi-fold.

given the current unrest in Nepal, we will have to travel to Tibet directly, which has added to our woes of planning and cost estimates. the total trek expense per head has reached to the tune of 150,000 Indian Rupees per person. the expenses include travelling to and fro, paying for the Tibetan Tourism Permit for entering the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), paying for services of the Sherpa staff we would be hiring (to carry our camping gear and cooking equipment for the expedition).

we have put in a lot of efforts for this trek, and we do not want to let this chance slip. if anyone reading this can help us get sponsorships from any institute or likewise, even if it is part of what we need, we would be obliged. luckily enough, we are not travelling with any group, we (a group of 3 friends) are going by ourselves, so we would ensure that our sponsors are well covered. i would be maintaining an individual blog where i offer to put up the advertisements of the sponsors, and we also plan to hold a press conference before embarking where we shall ensure that they get enough mileage.

any helping hand would be more than welcome!


At 10:39 PM, Blogger Atul Nulkar said...

This is going to be a tremendous experience for you guys.

Well, enjoy the trek, and Leave No Trace, pliz. :)

I am looking forward to hearing all the hallucinatory experiences.

At 3:21 AM, Blogger vindy said...

fantabulous man.. lemme see where on the north face is camp3

At 2:21 AM, Blogger atoolg said...

Have you tried talking to symantec about this?

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Aniket Anikhindi said...

@atoolg: Yes, I have tried it, and as of now I've been given neither a 'yes' nor a 'no'. I'm trying all possible sources to tap for help.


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