Sunday, March 12, 2006

Suprafantabulously megamagical..

It will take ages for such a match to happen again. We might not even witness one. On second thoughts, that's not the point at all.

What ODI cricket has seen today, was bowlers from both sides - Australia and South Africa - literally get raped. Australia amasses 434/4, surpassing the previous highest set by Sri Lanka (398). Sri Lanka had scored that against a measly Kenyan side.

Statisticians would be all scratching their heads and maybe they ought to work on probabilities of when would there be a match again where 87 boundaries and 26 sixes would be hit in a single match. And filling the newspapers and websites with umpteen broken records.

And when 872 runs are scored on a single day.. technically speaking, it does not matter who wins. But South Africa made that statement also look meaningless!! Someone beats you to what can be called as death, although not in the literal sense. Then you are given a chance to try your level best. And you, fight with such vigour that you kill the opponent! I've seen that happening in movies. Never in real life.

South Africa beat Australia by 1 wicket, 1 ball to spare, in the final of an all-important series. And this is called a comprehensive victory in my terminology - they did not let Australia run away with the record of maximum runs scored in an innings. The highest run scorer from Australia (Ponting, 164) was outplayed by a South African (Gibbs, 175). The worst bowler from South Africa ended up being better than the worst Australian. Lets see till when the highest ODI total record is broken next. And I do not want to end up being one of the statisticians anymore :)

Wat-a-match! The highlights of the match would be taking almost as much time as the entire match. So going through the repeat telecast is worth it. As many times as you want. Those who were lucky enough to watch it live, feel great to have lived in this era..

The winning team (South Africa) who carved out the impossible:


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