Wednesday, March 08, 2006

symbolic logic

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If you are reading this paragraph, welcome. I had too much of new policies, new handbooks, new services, new decisions, new leaders and yellow colour coming my way since over a year now. This has resulted in development of some symbolic logic. Here is what symbolic logic means:

symbolic logic, n:
Any logical system that abstracts the form of statements away from their content in order to establish abstract criteria of consistency and validity.

Nike's symbolic logic definitions:

SYMCemetery: place where software engineers get buried (especially looking at the ticker)
SYMchronous object: anything yellow in colour
SYMple: apparently easy things to finish at symantek
SYMpathy: yet another healing technique
SYMpathetic: pathetic (or unbearable) things at symantek e.g. policies
SYMphony: a cheater at symantek
SYMptom: sign of a symantek employee's visibility [will to stay at symantek] dipping
SYMran: any girl working for symantek who had to run on the railway station to catch a train (does DDLJ remind you of something?)
SYMbol: a yellow ball
SYMbiosis: guidelines at symantek about teamwork
SYMpathetic SYMonds: a person feeling pathetic about working on a Monday for a company named symantek

you are most welcome to suggest more SYMple definitions..


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At 5:45 AM, Blogger Storm said...

Yay Nike... you have an IIF :) (I bet you don't know what that is but you are quite free to ask me (more :) ) ).

So sym more things starting with SYM:

SYMantec: remember the SYMpathetic feelings I have towards you because I no longer work there.

SYMilar: the word that I don't like because it is almost liky GYMilar and I've been bunking that for some time now.

SYMnonym: a string of words to be used in quick successions when you want to potray that you can speak good English.

Bleah... I give up :D... nice post.

At 11:19 PM, Blogger Ami Titash said...

Lol. NIce post man.

SYMian - a rare yellow colored monkey found occasionaly in SYMcemetry. ;)

~ Titash

At 10:49 PM, Blogger vindy said...

Well said Nike..
HomoSYMpian : An evolved VERITibrate.

As SYMple as that.


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