Tuesday, January 24, 2006

If you know what "All Hands" meetings mean

Well, they call them "All Hands" meetings. Whose hands? Why all when the maximum can be 2? Well, when you work in a firm where hands happen to be the only external part of body being used, the above term starts making some sense. Let me shape it.

One fine day some management guru took a potion and decided to coin a term for a meeting he would have with all people directly reporting to him, and their direct reports, and theirs.. till the leaf of the tree was reached. Such a meeting would be called an "All Hands" meeting. To my horror, all those above me (poor leaf node) in the management chain drank that potion, ultimately resulting in me having to attend a lot of those meetings. An empty mind is a writer's trash can. I composed a song once. It requested me yesterday to attain immortality. That's how it found it's way here... (Sing aloud)

Title: Can I go $^@# myself??
Result of extreme boredom at one particular "All Hands" Meeting

It was yet another one of those
I had no option so I chose
To be there and get hit
By some sophisticated bullshit

Someone get me outta here [real fast]
I dont certainly belong here
Dont you feel like asking yourself..
Can I please go $^@# myself??

I was just looking around
Found all fools on the same ground
Some dozing some worth slapping
In their seats nodding to the yapping

[CHORUS] * 1

Dont you really feel like a fool?
You would rather be at home and drool
Yes, they were all there, right up to the CEO
All thinking it was something real "YO"

[CHORUS] * 2

Can I please go $^@# myself??
fade away...

The lyrics are ready, I'm planning to compose the music myself too. Anyone ready to lend their voice?


At 9:33 PM, Blogger atoolg said...

I would be glad to lend you my voice. :-)

I get to attend a few of those all hands crap and have had my share of boredom and pain...

One suggestion

Instead of "Can I please go $%@# myself"
"Can you please $%@# yourself?" sounds better.

I mean the @$#%er calling for such meetings is no good.

At 5:04 AM, Anonymous atul said...

yeah, all hands meeting, been there done that.

maybe I can lend some chord progressions.

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